In order to help clinics and patients across Europe to learn and understand all the benefits that are deriving from the European Cross-Border Healthcare, EuroEvents in cooperation with Medical Network Ltd. is organizing this one of a kind high-level Cross-Border Healthcare professional interactive training. The training will widen your approach to EU Cross-Border Healthcare, focus legal issues raised by EU Cross-Border Healthcare and motivate you to find your way into the EU Cross-Border Healthcare market.

At the first training in Zagreb, attendants were representatives from multi-profile hospitals, specialized in eye clinic, dental clinic and plastic surgery clinic as well as representatives of tourism agencies. Training included a buy viagra online canada high level of participation and communication from all participants, every person was encouraged to comment ask questions. The feedback that we received from participants was overwhelmingly positive. Therefore we invite you to join us in Zagreb on Professional Training from 6.-7. June 2018.!

Contact us for more information:

Medical Network Ltd.

Savska 41/XVI, Zagreb

+ 385 1 580 45 75

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