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Aqualab Plus Laboratory

We started to work as a Aqualab Institute which was established in 2003 by the decision of the Ministry of Health of Serbia, as the first private medical institution that has been authorized to do genetic analysis.
Over the years, we have grown into a large system of Aqualab plus laboratories. In early 2012, we established collaboration with the largest chain of laboratories in Europe, group SYNLAB GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1998 in Germany.

Why Aqualab plus laboratories?

- Dedicated renovated spaces that meet all professional and legal requirements specific to laboratory diagnostics.
- Excellent laboratory equipment and reagents from world-renowned manufacturers such as Roche, Siemens, Sysmex, Zeiss, Horiba, Awareness
- Technology, Orgentech, bioMerieux and many others. Laboratory information system ,with the use of barcode marking of patterns and tasks, eliminates the possibility of human factor error.
- Strategic partner of Aqualab plus laboratory is german SYNLAB - number 1 in Europe for laboratory diagnostics! SYNLAB Group has over 300 laboratories in 35 countries on 4 continents. This collaboration allows our customers a selection of over 4,000 highly specific analysis.
- Aqualab plus laboratories are socially responsible and pay special attention to the preservation and protection of the environment. To this end, and adhering to the legal regulations in the field of ecology, we regulate and implement appropriate treatment and disposal of medical waste.

We achieve the confidence in the quality by:

- Work according to the principles of good laboratory practice
- Implementation and constant improvement of the quality management system, based on accreditation according to ISO EN 15189: 2014 standard from 2014, as well as the certification of the German TÜV 2016 according to EN ISO 9001: 2008.
- A system of internal and external quality control
- Using internationally recognized standard test methods
- Fast release of results
- Expert consultations with users
- Wide range of standard and highly specific analysis

Biochemical tests, Functional tests, Hematologic tests, Hormones, Immunochemical, Coagulation Tests, Stool tests, Tumor markers, Bone markers, Urine, Microbiological treatment of intolerance to food, Allergic testing

Contact Information

+381 11 770-4922
MON / FRI 7 20h SAT 7-14h SUN 8-14h
+381 63 335-477
Aqualab Plus, New Belgrade

Location: Serbia

Bulevar Crvene armije 11 g/2, Novi Beograd

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