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Hrvatska (Croatia) · Zagreb Tratinska 27, 10000 Zagreb

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Specialized gynecological practice dr. Darko Husar for twenty years successfully is at your service to their patients (them now more than 10,000) to solve problems in the field of gynecology, reproductive medicine, perinatology and ultrasound diagnostics.
Reviews are conducted in a very pleasant and peaceful atmosphere, and the clinic are made and minor gynecological procedures.
Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures ranging from regular (routine) and systematic reviews, over diagnosis and treatment of cervical changes, regulation of disturbed menstrual cycle, counseling and selection methods of contraception, control over all during pregnancy, amnioskopije, kardiotokografskog control condition of the fetus, counseling infertility.

     Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures:
     regular (routine) and systematic reviews
     diagnostic changes on the neck (cervix) uterine: PAPA, colposcopy
     definitive diagnosis of biopsy and histologically confirmed with cytological or colposcopic abnormalities on the cervix (premalignant lesions of the epithelium, or dysplasia)
     treatment of premalignant lesions on the cervix-cryotherapy in mild lesions and loop diathermy conization (LETZ) in severe lesions
     cryotherapy warts (genital warts) in the area of the genitals
     regulation of disturbed menstrual cycle in all periods of generative age women from puberty to perimenopause (menopause)
     Hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women and prerimenopauzi
     counseling and selection of contraceptive methods
     ultrasound, color doppler, ultrasound trodiomenzionalni
     basic treatment and counseling on infertility
     early diagnosis of pregnancy
     control over all during pregnancy
     ultravučna diagnosis in pregnancy, three-dimensional ultrasound
     cardiotocographic condition monitoring fetal
     tips and help mothers with breastfeeding problems

Expert advice
→ Painful menstruation
→ caesarean section
→ Contraception uterine lining
→ Increased vaginal discharge
→ Pelvic inflammatory disease - "inflammation of the ovaries"
→ The absence of menstruation
→ A pregnant woman and travels, and "Summer Joy"
→ Endometriosis
→ Birth control pills
→ uterine fibroid
→ Gynecological Exam
→ Sexually transmitted diseases
→ Problems caused by menopause and menopause
→ The most common infections in the vagina and increased discharge from the vagina
→ Thrombophilia and its effect on pregnancy outcome

Specialist examination, Ultrasound, Pap smears, Biopsy, Treatment of menopausal symptoms, Colposcopy, Laparoscopy treatment of polycystic ovary, Monitoring of pregnancy, Consultations

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Gynecological clinic Darko Husar, Zagreb

Location: Hrvatska (Croatia), Zagreb

Tratinska 27, 10000 Zagreb

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