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Welcome to our dental medicine clinic. Our goal are your healthy and clean teeth, 365 days a year. The success of modern dentistry is to maintain and prevent and not just in the possibilities offered by modern technology. Inidividualan approach to each patient and pleasant environment guarantees that you will get out of our offices with a healthy and beautiful smile.



Timely detection and diagnosis of caries lesions enables minimally invasive procedures on the teeth.

Regular checks and maintenance of oral hygiene prevents the development of gingivitis and periodontitis.

A dental implant is a surgical component that is inserted into the jawbone and serves as support for crowns, bridges, dentures or orthodontic anchorage. The implant is made of titanium and its surface is covered in a way that attracts bone cells. Such biological process is the cornerstone of modern implant dentistry and is called osseointegration.

First, the implant is placed and waiting period of at least 3 months occurs before it comes to osseointegration, after which the implant is ready for abutment.

Dental microscope allows visibility in the most inaccessible parts of the teeth and oral cavity. With an increase of 20 times, the outcome of the treatment itself is drastically improved. Treatment time is shortened and the performance increased to 60% compared to the standard protocol.

Smile design
Digital planning of a new smile. The computer determines the shape, color, length of teeth and definitive appearance of the patient.

Brilliance, comfort, information - microscope allows superior precision and efficiency, thus raising dental procedures at a higher level.
By using the microscope in dentistry, a whole new dimension opens where the problems are solved at the level incomparable to the human eye. By increasing the field of 20x, it allows access to the toughest areas of the teeth and oral cavity.
Only what can be seen, can be treated - this shortens the procedure and increases the comfort and safety for the patient.
Multimedia allows video and photo display of every detail before, during and after the procedure and directly involves the patient in the diagnostics and troubleshooting.


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Dental Practice Microdental, Pula

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