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In our dental office we treat teeth and associated structures with the help of scientifically proven technologies and materials, where we use only the best dental materials which have behind them a long clinical applications with a large number of published scientific papers. Every member of our team is continuously educate the international congresses and constantly invests just in education and knowledge as well as knowledge of new technologies and materials, treatments and medical advances, but in order to be able to solve the most complicated rehabilitation of dental system. Through a wealth of experience in the profession for more than ten years, our team led by dentist Nikola Krišto offers you excellent dental care.

In our dental studio, we provide the following services:
Cosmetic Dentistry:
Bleaching teeth
esthetic restorations
smile desing
Zircon dynamic crowns
IPS Emax ceramics
Dental jewelry

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that primarily deals with the treatment of soft dental tissue and cleaning the root canal in which the soft tissue lies. Root canal therapy is the most common procedure that deals with endodontics.
Root canal treatment (treatment of dental pulp or "nerve") is a procedure that is performed in order to preserve teeth which dental pulp irreversibly damaged. During endodontic treatment removes the damaged pulp inside the tooth root, the root is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and filled with a permanent filling.
In our office we use the latest and technologically most advanced system hardware Endodontics - reciprocal sustav. Reciproc represents a completely new concept in the treatment of root canal teeth. The process of this system is completely secure, fast, easy and painless.

Laser represents an evolution in dental medicine and support the standard dental procedures. It is used in oral surgery, periodontics, treatment of canker sores, herpes, reduce the sensitivity of teeth, root canal treatment and tooth whitening.
Compared to traditional methods and surgical devices, lasers are gentler, more predictable, and in many cases, painless and without the use of local anesthetic. Treatment and recovery of the patient are shorter and less unpleasant

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Dental Center Krišto, Sesvete

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Ulica Blage Zadre 17b 10360 Sesvete

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