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Medical Dimension works to achieve a balance between profit and assistance, concentrating its efforts to make simple, immediate and sustainable medical services, through an integrated system of medical skills and experience.

Our doctors can boast significant experience in quality and quantity, at public hospitals and facilities (Policlinico Umberto I in Rome, Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital, etc..) and private ones (home care agencies and private clinics).

Medical Office open every day of the year from 9 AM to 8 PM, by appointment, for general and pediatric medical visits.

Medical Dimension provides home care at Rome and around the Province of Rome directly into patients' homes , in hotels, residences, office.

Our home care services are designed for patients who:

·         have difficulty to reach the hospital or medical services for physical examination or drug treatments;

·         have difficulty to reach hospitals or medical guards at time scheduled for visit, because of personal commitments;

·         require a medical examination, medication, etc. at a specific time and place during the day;

·         are temporarily unable to contact their doctor;

·         need a multidisciplinary and multi-specialist team for specific therapeutic needs;

·         need a reference for medical or psychological or nursing service in Rome and Province for temporary periods , as on vacation or business trip;

·         can choose to use a private service which will then reimburse, having a health insurance policy.

A new dimension for Medicine

Specialistic and generic physicians in Rome, Province of Rome, Parma, Venice, Lido of Venice, Mestre, Padova, Florence, Milan, Naples

*Visit at Home and in Hotel*                   *Pediatric Home Care*


We provide medical services accessible, fast, thoughtful, in order to adapt them to patient needs, providing the following services at home (even in hotels ) or at our Ambulatories:

·         Generic physical examination

·         Pediatric physical examination

·         Surgical Physical examination

·         Dermatological physical examination

·         Medical and surgical procedures, such as remotion of stitches, the dressing of surgical wounds, the application of biological glue on open wounds, etc..

·         Psychological Support

·         Drugs prescription

·    Certifications for the conduct of non-competitive sports activities organized by the school, as part of extra-curricular activities, or for games and entertainment.

·         Certifications for Permit to fly (Fit to Fly)

·         Nurse services and procedures

·         Physiotherapy procedures


Our doctors are available 24 hours, 365 days, with fast response and feedback. All our staff speak English fluently.

Furthermore, one of our primary goals is to help and support parents in management of the first steps for growth of theirchildren.

In order to reach this goal, along with traditional medical practices, we have created the Plain "Cresciamo con te" (“We grow with you”), a telephone consulting service  for moms and dads, which have questions or doubts about important issues of the growth. The service is mainly useful when national health system pediatricians are not available.


*This project is not an emergency service and it does not replace regular medical examinations.




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