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Head of Polyclinic IMUNOMED Prof. Ph. D.. Vitomir Burek, immunologist, a specialist laboratory immunology and infectious disease specialist, founder and longtime head of the Department of Clinical Immunology, Immune ambulance and Immunology Laboratory of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases "Dr. Fran Mihaljevic "in Zagreb.
Other collaborators - a specialist in medical biochemistry, Master of Medical Biochemistry, molecular biologist, medical technicians also are persons with extensive experience in performing execution procedures in diverse diagnosis carried out in the clinic.

Work Polyclinic is conducted through work

    1. SPECIALIST Immunology Services and through
    2. DIAGNOSTICS in a number of areas.

Diagnostics is carried out on the material taken from patients clinic and made samples of 07:00 to 18:00 hours from Monday to Friday and Saturdays 08:00 to 12:00
The results of searches done the same or the next day, depending on when the material was processed passed or taken to the Polyclinic
If the diagnostic process requires overnight incubation result is ready in two days.
If necessary, retesting or confirmatory test result is ready in two to three days.
The results of searches, in consultation with the patient, can be:
- Raise in the clinic
- Send by mail
- Send fax
- Send e-mail

The determination of the immune status
infectious agents
Autoimmune diseases and allergies
biochemical tests
Molecular diagnostics (PCR)
microbiological searches

Immunology Services is open from 08.00 to 14.00 Monday to Friday. It includes:

- Physical examination of the patient
- A history that is getting information about the current difficulties at the time of arrival and before that

- Information on the reasons for the desired test
- Stay in hazardous circumstances (narrow or social contacts) with persons who are suffering from or current chronic carriers of some highly infectious viruses or other infectious agents such as hepatitis B and C viruses, HIV, etc.)
- Risk activities and / or situations (promiscuity, homosexual intercourse, intravenous drug use, surgery, blood transfusions, etc.)
- Stay in countries of high risk for certain infections (viral hepatitis, HIV infections in AIDS)
- Stay in the middle of the high risk for certain infections: Forest / scrub - tick bite (Lajmaska disease, tick-borne encephalitis);
- Contact with pets (dogs, cats, parrots), with some farm animals (various zoonoses), etc.
Interpretation - interpretation of test results
- Interpretation of the results and interpretation of results is particularly important especially when the results are expressed qualitatively (ie as negative, positive or borderline), which is most often the case when testing for infectious agents because:
- The same finding may have a different character. It depends on several elements - the time of collection of material for analysis, combination with other classes of antibodies, bond strength of antibody and antigen, etc.
- Certain findings require repeated tests after a certain time or expanding searches (not only IgM and IgG class antibodies, but also antibodies IgA)
- Extension of searches to better clarify whether it is acute or chronic infection (avidity)
- Trends - track the movement of that appearance, disappearance of one and the emergence and growth of other antibodies which is important for the outcome of that prognosis
- Tracking the movement height or quantity of antibodies (antibody titer) and antigen.

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Polyclinic Imunomed

Location: Hrvatska (Croatia), Zagreb

Krbavska 11, 10000 Zagreb

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