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Choosing a surgeon for your cosmetic surgery is a difficult decision. We do not offer you only the experience, knowledge and certificates of competence to make your surgery safe and effective as possible. Above that, we offer you warm and cheerful atmosphere. In addition, we provide you with the latest treatments and safest techniques, what your surgery makes a less stressful and your recovery more comfortable and faster.

Why offer your trust to Šoš Polyclinic? General anesthetic and the operations are performed by  specialists with at least ten years of service. All operations are carried out with maximum safety for the patient. Stay in the clinic after surgery is minimized - the principle of one-day surgery (eg, following surgery for breast enhancement or tonsillectomy, if early postoperation flow goes properly, the patient leaves the clinic on the same day). All checks and operations in exactly the appointed time, in a modernly equipped clinic. For ENT examinations no additional ordering is required: hearing recordings, nose endoscopy, taking bacteriological swab of the nose or ear,  swab on eosinophils, are made immediately, at the first examination. Operations of the „third tonsil“ are performed endoscopic so that the risk of reoperation (that „third tonsil“ re-grow) is minimal. We provide the following cosmetic surgery procedures: Correction of the eyelids, ears and nose, facelift, zoom in, zoom out and raise of breasts, corrections of relaxed abdomen, Brachioplasty liposuction, removal of skin growths (moles) without scars, coagulation and sclerotherapy of varicose veins, Permanent epilation (permanent laser hair removal).

Esthetic surgery, surgical removal of warts, eyelid corrections, ears corrections, nose surgery, Brachioplasty, Radiofrequency facelift, Sclerotherapy
Specialist examination, Treating snoring and sleep assistance, Rhinoplasty ( nose operation ) surgery, Protruding ears ( otoplasty ), Bags eyelid surgery under the eyes ( blepharoplasty )
Aesthetic nose surgery ( rhinoplasty ), Protruding ears ( otoplasty ), Eyelid surgery and dark circles ( Blepharoplasty ), Facelift, Liposuction, Mole removal, Breast reconstruction, Breast augmentation, Breast reduction

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Polyclinic Šoš, Osijek

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Prolaz J. Leovića 4

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