Dental clinic Boško Ostojić

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The Ordination Dr. Boško Ostojić provides dental services and aesthetic medicine services. We offer a wide range of dental services ranging from maintaining oral hygiene and prophylaxis, pediatric dentistry, tooth treatment, endodontics, top aesthetic dentistry, bridges and crowns, metaloceramic bridges and crowns, nonmetal bridges and crowns, partial and total prostheses production. We also provide aesthetic medicine with dental services. Applying "Stylage" hyaluronic filaments. We use hyaluronic fikers to correct wrinkles, tiny and deep lines, nasolabic wrinkles (nasal lines against the lips), puppy wrinkles (lines from the lips to the chin), wrinkles of fingers, smoky wrinkles around the lips, wrinkles of laughs. Filers are also used to shape the contour of the face: shaping the lips, lifting the cheekbones, lifting the lips corner.

We also do botox treatment for the prevention of wrinkles and mild wrinkles.

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Dental clinic Boško Ostojić

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